Things Learned

Healthcare is a right to all & not a privilege of few

We have spent many decades in building a balance in social & commercial sides of medicine, taking hard decision between profit & impact. Our work reaches to remote areas where quality medicine is yet to be introduced.

Great technology alone is not the answer

We often say that ”build it & they won't come”. Our hospitals are littered with the great technologies. People buy services that will solve their problems; they don’t buy technologies alone.

Patient capital is build upon a system of value; it is not series of steps to be followed

It took us discipline, focus and sacrifice along with compassion & empathy to successfully treat 5 lac patients annually. There is no currency like trust & there are no shortcuts to winning it, this took place over the time span of several years.

We won’t succeed in long term without cultivating local leaders

Kamineni doesn’t just create the “next big thing”, we look for powerful & innovative professionals who have the drive to make it happen. We gather strong people to make teams of thought leaders & not just employees, building our path to productivity.