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Cardiology Mr. Abid Ali to undergo Stenting of Coronary Arteries also called PTCA, at Kamineni- King Koti writes to Kamineni Team one year after the treatment View
Cardiothoracic & Cardiology Aarthi Purohit, patient from Hyderabad, who underwent an Aortic Valve Replacement a Cardiac surgery procedure at Kamineni Hospital Hyderabad, writes in detail about her experience at the hospital. View
Cardiology Tuljanandh Singh, patient from Hyderabad, who underwent a Carotid Stenting (by using vascular filter) at Kamineni Hospitals Hyderabad, writes his appreciation for Kamineni Hospitals in good health. View
Spine & Orthopedic A doctor undergoes a complicated Spine Surgery at Kamineni Hospitals View
Knee replacement Mr. Murthi, Hyderabad undergoes a Total Knee Replacement at Kamineni Hospitals, King Koti View
Pain management Mr. Sreemanth Gopinath underwent a Pain Management treatment for an Extruded Disc at Kamineni Hospitals. View
Pain management I longed for this comfort and after years I finally get it with Pain Management at Kamineni Hospitals. View
Neurology Ms. Urmila Singh underwent a treatment for Pituitary tumor and now rights back to Kamineni Hospitals about his experience. View
Neurology Mr. Tharun Fernandez expresses for his father Mr. Bernard Fernadez who recovered from Coma View
Rheumotology Ms. Vanisree gives her feedback for Osteoarthritis treatment at Kamineni Hospitals View
Physiotherapy “I was excited about my first surgery” says Mr. Shiva karthik an engineering student. View
Neuro Surgery Mr. Silke Gohar Gulam Yazdani from London gives his feedback on treatment done at Kamineni Hospital on Pituitary Tumor and finally ended his suffering of 3 years. View
Physiotherapy Dr. D. Jitender Parshad feels better like never before after the Physiotherapy at Kamineni View