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Welcome to Kamineni's experience patient care...

At Kamineni, we are dedicated to provide you with world-class patient support and healthcare services that are delivered with a sense of warmth, individual pride and team spirit. Our valuable patients have been at the keystone of our healthcare system and that is why we believe in the philosophy that patient comes first.

Kamineni offers state-of the-art support and services that focus on eliminating the distance between people and locations, health problems and cure, and most importantly, information and you. We are highly privileged to attend to all our Patient needs through this website and at our facilities. Specifically we have touched upon Patient Care functions like waiting time, health counseling & personalized attention to details, emotional support, affordability of treatment, valid information from doctors, availability of all services, clean and healthy environment, early recovery, innovative research solutions etc. in a detailed manner.

When Kamineni's at your service, finest care is Never Too Far !!!