The Department of Gastroenterology provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic treatment for an array of digestive disorders. The department provides for prevention, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of gastrointestinal diseases and gives personalized, cost-effective quality care to patients.

Kamineni Hospitals is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is supported by trained and experienced nurses to provide and employ personalized management plans and comprehensive care.

    Our Specializations include

  • Capsule endoscopy
  • Variceal endoscopic ligation (EVL)
  • Endoscopic injection therapy (EIT)
  • Endoscopic metal stenting (Oesophageal,enteral,biliary and colonic)
  • Therapeutic ERCP

  • Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

  • Diagnostic upper GI endoscopy
  • Endoscopic stricture dilatation
  • Endoscopic pneumatic dilatation(Achalasia cardia)
  • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy(PEG)
  • Endoscopic pyloric CRE balloon dilatation

  • Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

  • Diagnostic sigmoidoscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • Colonoscopic polypectomy
  • Colonic stenting
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP)
  • Endoscopic biliary sphincterotomy
  • Endoscopic biliary stenting(plastic and metallic)
  • Endoscopic pancreatic sphincterotomy
  • Endoscopic pancreatic stricture dilatation
  • Endoscopic pancreatic stenting
  • Endoscopic Cystogastrostomy etc



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