• Appointment Check List
  • Question to ask your Doctor
  • Same day Appointment and Procedure
  • Request an Appointment

Before Your Appointment

Before your visit to the hospital,this checklist will help you prepare for your meeting with the doctor.

  • Collect documents like, copies of all tests, x-rays and medical history file if available
  • Have knowledge of all current medications taken, including over-the-counter drugs and homeopathy or ayurvedic medicines.
  • Remember all about the food habits or diet chart while on medication
  • Always get a family member or a friend with you to the hospital as your appointment may or may not involve tests and you might need someone to take you back home
  • Carry warm clothes with you as our surroundings are air-conditioned to keep the medical facility fresh and cool

During Your Appointment

Be sure that you make best of your meeting with the doctor, you must ask him all the questions and let him know about all the concerns related to your medical problem.

After Your Appointment

  • Soon after you appointment, if you have any doubts with your consultation then we will make sure that you see another doctor for a second opinion and will give appointments in best possible time
  • If you need to get hospitalized then our admission department will make all arrangements and a counselor will guide you about your next steps prior to the hospitalization

Questions to ask your Doctor

We want and encourage our patients to be fully informed about their health conditions. Below questions help you know all that you need to know.

About Your Symptoms and Treatment

  • What disease or condition are my symptoms showing?
  • Tell me details about my disease or condition?
  • Is my disease serious and will it affect my normal life?
  • What is the treatment path for this disease?
  • What caused the disease and is there more than one problem causing my symptoms?
  • Do I need to get tested for the symptoms?
  • What symptoms should I observe henceforth?
  • What are the tests and how will the tests be conducted and what results will I get out of them?
  • Are the tests accurate and will it be safe to do them?
  • In how much can I expect the results of my tests?
  • Are there further tests involved?
  • Do I need to come again and when?
  • Will this disease infect others and what are the precautions I can take to avoid that?
  • What are the treatment options and how much they will cost?
  • How lengthy is the treatment?
  • What are the side effects and risks of my treatment?
  • What will be my diet during the treatment?
  • How worst my disease can get if the treatment is delayed?

If You Need Surgery

  • Why is the surgery recommended?
  • Please explain the surgical procedure in detail?
  • Is this the an open or minimal access surgery?
  • Can I avoid the surgery and take treatment?
  • How much will i have to spend on the surgery?
  • What are the benefits and risks of having surgery?
  • Will I be on local or general anesthesia for surgery?
  • When will I get discharged from the hospital and what will be the recovery time?
  • Do you have relevant qualification and experience for performing this surgery?

Same day appointment:

Kamineni Hospital will help you get a same day appointment based on the situation you are in and the doctor's attention you need.
If you call +91 949 106 1983 before noon, we'll offer you a same-day appointment and if you call after noon, we'll offer you an appointment for the next day or depending upon the evening clinic's availability in the Department.
You will surely get the care you need at the right time.

What happens when I call for a same-day appointment?

When you call +91 949 106 1983 Kamineni Hospital, we will first try to get you an appointment in your nearest Kamineni Centre or else look for a same day appointment in our other branches.

Here's what to expect:
  • We will ask you for basic information such as address, phone number and your insurance provider.
  • Then, we will ask you questions about your symptoms to help find the appropriate doctor to treat you. In most cases, we'll schedule your appointment based on this information.
  • In case of complex or emergency conditions, your call will be attended by an emergency doctor or medical representative. This step will give us adequate history of medical records and other information necessary to start your best treatment.

Are there times when I won't receive a same-day appointment?

The alignment of the your appointment depends on the priority of the case. for e.g. If the patient wants to see the doctor immediately for any emergency medical condition then such case will be attended on the same day but if one is looking for a routine health check-up then this could be a less urgent case and can get a next day appointment.
However if your concern is more immediate and it involves adults or older children, you can walk-in to our hospital nearby your residence.

Besides making an appointment, what should I do for immediate care?

Make use of our 24/7 Emergency Line : 040 - 3027 9999. When you call this number our Emergency Team will,
  • Evaluate your condition or,
  • Give you medical information to help you immediately or,
  • Connect you to the Emergency Doctor or,
  • Send an Ambulance if required and make necessary arrangements before your arrival

If  your condition is worst we suggest you to walk-in to our hospital even without a call and we will assist you right away! No calling or appointment is necessary



Appointments at Kamineni Hospitals

Kamineni Hospital provided appointments to hundreds of people a everyday, we prioritized appointments on the basis of medical needs of each patient.

Telephone Request

Online Request

Refer a Patient

Kamineni Hospital in LB Nagar

+91 40 - 3987 9999 (9am to 8pm)
Monday to Saturday

Kamineni Hospital in King Koti

+91 40 - 6692 4444 (9am to 8pm)
Monday to Saturday

Kamineni Hospital in Narketpally

08682 272 333 (9am to 8pm)
Monday to Saturday

Kamineni Hospital in Vijayawada

0866 - 246 3333 (9am to 8pm)
Monday to Saturday

For International Patients & Enquiry



On filling this form our Patient Experience
Executive will call you to review your
medical information prior to your


Appointment Request



Physicians can refer a patient using phone or online services.

Refer on Phone

Call Us: 70362 70362


Admission Process
  • Preparing for surgery
  • Surgery & After

Preparing for Surgery

When you have made a decision to go for the surgery then our counselor will explain you the entire process (pre- admission, during the time in the hospital and discharge process). The counselor will also help you fix your date and time of the surgery and a prior surgery appointment with the doctor if needed.

We will arrange you surgery under our admission schedules depending on the type of the surgery / procedure. For e.g.

  • You might go home on the same day after the surgery if the surgery/procedure allows you to do so
  • You might be an in-patient with us and stay for your recovery time after the surgery/ procedure
  • You might complete the surgery and go home soon but might come back as an Out-patient for regular follow-ups on suggestion of your doctor

What to do before surgery?

What to do before surgery?

This checklist can help you prepare before surgery.

  • Parents or Guardians of minors and senior citizens should be present with them from the time of arrival to sign paperwork and should remain in the hospital during their entire treatment
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco 24 hours prior to your surgery
  • Remove nail polish or other body ornamentation before your surgery
  • Don't carry expensive jewelry or large sums of money to the hospital, your attendant can carry cash on your behalf
  • It is advisable not to drink or eat the night before your surgery. Food in the stomach can lead to problems during surgery. Surgery can get cancelled or postponed due to eating and drinking.
  • Inform your doctor if you are taking medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, a nervous disorder or if you've developed cold, fever, respiratory infection or any other illness prior to surgery
  • Women must inform the surgeon if they think they may be pregnant

What to do on the morning of surgery?

  • Make sure your hair is dry after taking shower in the morning of surgery and avoid using hair spray, body lotion or makeup
  • You must be wearing comfortable clothes before your receive a gown, robe and slippers from us.
  • Come early to the hospital so that you have adequate time to complete your admission procedure
  • Carry medical documents like an insurance forms, medical cards, payment and any relevant test results

Surgery and After


On the day of your Surgery you will undergo the process as described below.

  • A counselor will help you complete your admission process
  • A surgical team member will help you with the tests recommended by the surgeon
  • A nurse will help you change and do other formalities before the surgery making you feel comfortable. She will stay for your care throughout the process
  • The nurse and the surgical team will accompany you to the Operation Theatre where the anesthesiologist will begin the procedure by putting you to ease
  • From there on you will be taken care by our expert surgeons under highly advanced equipment and environment

After Surgery

On completion of the surgery, you will undergo the following process,

  • The surgical team will take you to the recovery room or Surgical Intensive Care (SICU) soon after the surgery
  • The surgeon will come out to meet your family and friends and give them details of your condition and the surgery. He will also inform about when can you start receiving visitors
  • If you went through Ambulatory Surgery then you will be kept in the recovery room until the effect of anesthesia subsides
  • You will be given some liquids after you are stable and will be allowed to meet your family member
  • Your doctor and nurse will introduce you and your caretaker about your medication, diet chart and amount of physical activity from there on
  • During your stay in the hospital the nursing team and the surgical team will constantly follow up with you and keep checking you till you are fit and fine again

Important facilities like Cafeteria, Visiting time chart and entry pass, Bedside & Waiting area entertainment, Nearby ATM centre, Adequate Parking space and Wi- Fi facility or Computer Access will be all available to your family during your stay at the hospital.

Billing and Insurance


  • Billing Checklist
  • Accepted Insurance
  • Financial Assistance

Our Billing Experts and the Counselor will help make the Billing process faster and easy for you. We make sure that you get all the benefits of your Insurance policy, if applicable.

Patients without Insurance

In case you do not have an Insurance Policy then our Counselor will guide you through the entire treatment cost that includes Pre- treatment estimate. You can negotiate a payment plan with our hospital prior to your treatment.

* (Cash / Credit Cards / Debit Cards are accepted by the Hospital)

Billing Checklist

Follow the checklist to help ensure a smooth billing process.

Before Your Appointment

  • Contact your insurance provider to make sure you understand your benefits.
  • Confirm that Kamineni Hospital is a contracted provider of services for your plan.
  • Obtain a referral letter from your insurance company if necessary and discuss this with our counselor prior to scheduling an appointment with our specialist

At Check-In

  • Bring necessary identification information like address proof, citizenship card etc.
  • Carry your health insurance card and its relevant details
  • If you are a returning patient and if there are any changes in your personal or insurance information from your last visit, please inform us

After your visit

  • If the Insurance provider requests you for queries or for additional information, respond promptly
  • If you have any balance payments on your bill, please make timely arrangements
  • Call us if you have any questions or concerns about your bill, if you cannot pay your balance in full

Accepted Insurance & Insurance Coverage

On knowing that you fall in the Insurance Category Patient, our counselor will talk to you for the following,

  • Verify your insurance coverage
  • Make you understand the procedure
  • Ask you to carry:
    • Your Insurance Company's – Name, Billing Address & Telephone Number(s)
    • Your Plan - Subscriber's Name
    • Certificate and/or Policy Number
    • Effective Date
    • Your insurance ID card carries most of the information; hence always bring your card to  the hospital

*(As a policy we collect any estimated self-pay balances or co-pays at the time of admission. Billing executive and counselor will inform you about how much you will have to pre-pay).

Kamineni Hospitals accept the following insurance and managed care plans

Insurance & Contracted Managed Care Plans:

  • General insurance Companies
    • National Insurance Company
    • New India Insurance
    • Oriental Insurance Company Limited
    • United India Insurance Company
  • Insurance Companies
    • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
    • Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd
    • Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd
    • ICICI Lombard General Insurance
    • ICICI Prudential Life Insurance
    • Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co Pvt Ltd
    • Max Bupa Health Insurance
    • Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd
    • HDFC Life Insurance Co Ltd
  • TPA's
    • Alankit Health Care Ltd
    • Dedicated Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd
    • E-Meditek Solutions Limited
    • Family Health Plan Limited
    • Genins India Limited
    • Good Health Plan Ltd
    • Health India TPA Services Pvt Ltd
    • Heritage Health Service Pvt Ltd
    • I-Care
    • MD India
    • Mediassist
    • Medicare TPA Services (I) Pvt. Ltd.
    • Medsave Health Care Ltd
    • Paramount Health Care Management Ltd
    • Raksha TPA
    • Sealcare TPA
    • TTK Health Care Services Pvt Ltd
    • United Healthcare Parekh TPA Pvt Ltd
    • Vipul Medcorp TPA Private Limited

(This list is subject to change. Coverage limitations are dependent on individual group contracts).

Financial Assistance

Kamineni Hospital provides Financial assistants to the patients who do not have the Insurance Policy and also their family income is four times less than the Government Poverty guidelines. Such exceptions are made only by case to case basis.

Eligibility for assistance:

  • You must be a resident of Hyderabad- AP,so as to where the medical services are provided by us.
  • Your income is at or below 400% of the Government's Income Poverty Guidelines.
  • You must provide proof of income (income includes gross wages, rental income, gross income from self employment, public assistance, social security, unemployment compensation, strike benefits, alimony, child support, military family allotments, pensions, veteran's benefits, etc.) Sources of income apply to all applicable family members.
  • Family members include patient's spouse and patient's children under the age of eighteen living at home.


For any queries related to Billing & insurance,
Contact: Patient Financial Services
Time: 9am to 6pm
Call KingKoti: 040 - 6692 4444 / LB Nagar: 040 - 3987 9999 / Narketpally: 08682 - 272 333 / Vijayawada: 0866 - 246 3333

Discharge Procedure

When you are leaving the hospital, the following process will be carried forward with you,

  • While your stay, our counselor will guide you on post-discharge care to be taken, your next appointment date if required, your way to have regular follow-ups with the doctor.
  • Your arrangements of leaving the hospital will be done in adequate amount of time from your day of discharge.
  • Educational material will be provided to you for homely care post discharge
  • We advise you to have atleast one family member or a friend on this day.
  • Our discharge usually takes place between 10am to 12pm but we request you to consider atleast 3 hours for the entire completion of the process.

We want you to:

  • Make sure you check your personal belongings at the bedside, cabinets, wardrobes before leaving
  • Return the hospital clothes
  • Carry all the prescribed medication from our hospital's pharmacy
  • Meet the dietician to design your new diet chart at home
  • Ask us for arranging your transportation if required
  • Take all important numbers for follow ups
  • Pay all outstanding bills and take receipt for all
Patient Rights

what I value about my experience is...

  • Receiving the best quality care in a safe and well co-ordinated manner
  • Being informed about my care in the language that I can understand
  • Being introduced to every member of my health-care team, including their roles
  • Being an active participant in having my views heard, in making decisions with my family and health-care providers
  • Being treated with dignity and respect, regardless of my race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability
  • Having timely and easy access to services that I need
  • Feeling safe and protected in a clean, comfortable, hazard-free environment
  • Having my privacy and confidentiality protected
  • Being cared for in a hospital that is responsive to community feedback and takes steps to continuously improve on service delivery
  • Being made aware of research opportunities and having the choice to participate

As a patient, I will...

  • Share the responsibility for my care and well being and provide accurate information
  • Ask questions when I need clarification
  • Be respectful and courteous to all physicians, staff and volunteers
  • Respect the rights, property, privacy and diversity of all
For Visitors
  • Visitors Info
  • Important Numbers / Emails / Roadmap

Kamineni Hospital cares not only for their patients and their families but also for their visitors who come to see the patients during the admission period. We believe that visitors create a homely and cheerful atmosphere for the patient which improve the recovery time for him.
Our Hospital's Reception in the main lobby is the hub for all communication activities required by these visitors & patient's family members. Our professional and friendly executives at the reception guide you at every enquiry you make with them.

Visiting Hours & Guidelines

  • Visitors can meet their patients between 5pm to 7pm every day. Our Reception Desk executive will connect to the nearest nursing station to the patient to give your arrival information
  • If your patient is in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) then only one person at a time can meet him but only on the approval from the patients doctor
  • Immediate family members can meet the admitted patient early in the morning aswell
  • Visitors are requested to avoid visiting in many numbers at a time and do not make noise on their visit
  • Waiting area is available for those who would like to use it
  • Visitors are advised to not visit the hospital incase of them suffering from cold, flu or any other infectious diseases. Strict hygiene is followed at the hospital and visitors are requested to wash hands often with a sanitizer to keep their patient and surroundings safe
  • Children below the age of 12 should not be carried to the hospital, children above the age of 12 should be strictly managed by their parents while they are in hospital premises
  • Certain areas of the hospital do not allow the use of cell phone, we request you to adhere to this restriction
  • We strictly prohibit SMOKING o DRINKING ALCOHOL in the hospital premises

Kamineni Hospitals

Kamineni Fertility Centre:
Call - 040 - 2476 7777
Email -

Kamineni Institute of Dental Sciences:
Call - 08682 304500 
Email -


Roadmap to Kamineni Hospitals

Amenities and Facilities
  • Overview
  • Inpatient Room Types
  • Intensive Care

Transportation Arrangements from hotel, airport or train station to and from the hospital

  • Car Rental and Lease
  • Taxi
  • Airline Reservations


For smooth work flow at the hospital we have designed parking spaces that can occupy a large amount of vehicles..



Kamineni Hospital offers a variety of In- patient accommodations in reasonable price range, the range shows a variety from Single rooms to Delux Suites.
Our hospital rooms are designed after keeping in mind the comfort and safety of our patients. We have also taken care of natural ventilation, privacy and peaceful atmosphere in the rooms.

Common Room Amenities

Some of our rooms include the following features:

  • Adjustable beds
  • Calling facility
  • Bedside room light and other required medical facilities
  • Individual cable television including Telugu, Hindi, English and foreign language Programming
  • Guest couch and sofa lamp
  • Individually controlled room air conditioning
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Personal medication cabinet
  • Personal Wardrobe
  • Wi-Fi
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishware and Glasses

For registration and admission call these numbers:
King Koti: 040 - 66924444
LB Nagar: 040 - 39879999
Narketpally: 08682 - 272 333
Vijayawada : 0866 - 246 3333


A 24X7 pharmacy is available on the ground level for patients. A variety of services & products are availed at the Kamineni Pharmacy like all prescribed medicines, post- surgical supplies, skin care products, compression hosiery & more.

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