Patient Testimonials
  • Department :Cardiology
    Consultant :Dr. B.G.K. Sudhakar

    I would like to thank Doctor B.G.K.Sudhaker and his team for bringing me back to life when I got a major heart attack last year. All the doctors, supporting staff & the nurses at Kamineni Hospital were very encouraging and open to any kind of query I had, unlike the other hospitals that I have visited before. I spent a week in the hospital where I underwent Stenting of Coronary Arteries also called PTCA (Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty).

  • This is the beginning of my second life, all credit goes to Dr. B.G.K.Sudhakar in giving me this life. I also appreciate the rest of the team who stood by me & my family in that week we spent in the hospital. Doctors at Kamineni never go wrong in making decisions and are not commercial when it comes to treating a patient; they are always upholding a service oriented motto. Apart from the treatment, all the other services from cleanliness to patient management definitely stood out. Thank you for giving life to me!

    Mr. Mir Abid Ali