Patient Testimonials
  • Department : Pain Management
    Consultant :Dr. Muralidhar Joshi

    It feels so new and refreshing after undergoing the treatment from Kamineni Hospitals. For a long time I was suffering from a major facial pain towards the right side of the face which was like electric shock. Call it a little breeze, brushing my teeth, chewing food or sitting in front of the air cooler or even a gentle touch would get painful to the right of my face. I was kept under medication for almost 6 years and nothing really worked. A friend suggested to take up treatment from Dr. Muralidhar Joshi of Kamineni Hospitals
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    Now I feel fortunate enough that the treatment had a profound impact on my life. For all these years I have never had a peaceful life until a procedure that barely took any time and it was not at all painful was carried out at Kamineni. My sincere thanks and gratitude to the doctor and the hospital for all the support, dedication and compassion that got me back my smile.

    Mr. Srinivasulu