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  • What is World Cancer Day?
    All over the world on the 4th of February every year, cancer centres & hospitals raise awareness for a disease that causes millions of deaths every year, many of which could have been prevented.

    Our movement is organised by Kamineni Cancer Centre (L.B.Nagar) in association with Vidyaranya Memorial Trust-Hyd. This year, for the first time, World Cancer Day is being marked by two active organizations in order to raise awareness about cancer and in particular put efforts across Andhra Pradesh to prevent it.

    CONNECTING FOR WHOLE IMPACT – Kamineni Hospital's Initiative in support of World Cancer Day 2012.
    More than ever before, there is a need for concerted and coordinated prevention efforts to overcome cancer! Hence, this year our dedicated efforts & support to fight cancer comes together in an event to mark World Cancer Day on the 4th February.

    One week after the official day, Kamineni Hospital carries out Cancer Screening in the most affordable price for all segments to give an equal cancer testing opportunity for the people of Hyderabad.

    Kamineni Hospital supports their patients & other people by conducting a HEALTH TALK on,
    Causes of Cancer, Prevention & Cure, Survivorship during & after treatment, Nutrition for cancer patients, Information for Care givers of the patients & Stories of Hope from our recovered patients.

    This HEALTH TALK will highlight the importance of preventing a disease that estimated 7.6 million people die from every year. And, help our cancer patients' deal with their situation & get tough to fight cancer.

     "One third of these deaths could have been prevented had there been greater awareness about healthy lifestyles and early detection as preventive measures."
    Dr. Ashwin Shah- Chief Oncologist- Kamineni Hospitals & World Cancer Day Spokesperson, emphasises the importance of raising awareness about cancer prevention via "engaging, informing, and prompting action"
    Dr. Lakshmi – Chief Dietician- Kamineni Hospitals & World Cancer Day Speaker brings out the connection between healthy lifestyle & Cancer treatment for patients.

    Towards the end of the Health Talk we have the most valuable, Informing Participants, "Our recovered patients" who will share their STORY OF HOPE & encourage cancer fighters.

    Following that we shall all together stand for the cause & leave a palm imprint on the dedicated wall of Kamineni Hospital to leave a mark in support of acknowledgement of information received on the occasion of WORLD CANCER DAY from Kamineni Hospital & fight against Cancer.

    Kamineni Hospitals promise, "to provide a benchmark for best practice in cancer screening and facilitate implementation of cancer screening programmes in accordance with this event in Andhra Pradesh."

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Patients can find more details on calling the Patient Experience Office:+91 949 106 1983

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