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Kamineni Hospitals -World No Tobacco Day 2K Run Success

On the Eve of World No Tobacco Day, Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, have conducted a 2K run in the premises of the Saroornagar Indoor stadium in-order to create awareness about the ill effects of active and passive tobacco smoking.

Ex-Cricketer Mr.V.V.S Lakshman flagged off the run, and participated in it along with officials of Kamineni and other volunteers. He voiced his support for the need of a radical social change leading to tobacco control.Over 200 people participated in the 2k-Run and made the event a success.

Honorable Chief guest, Mr.V.V.S Lakshman said that he is against the use of tobacco and tobacco related products, and also added that he protested against and also prevented the use of tobacco by his family and friends. He said that smokers should hold themselves responsible for all the ill-effects of passive smoking suffered by their families. Finally, he congratulated Kamineni Hospitals for promoting a social cause.

Program Organizer, Dr. Ravinder Reddy of Kamineni Hospitals, said, "Even though programs like this were strongly opposed by tobacco manufacturers in the past, the inherent awareness in the society overcame all that opposition successfully, which thereafter led to the printing of warning signs on various tobacco and tobacco related products."
He also said that it is very important to give a very much in-detail and clear explanation about various fatal effects of tobacco use to everyone.

The event was graced by Kamineni's board of Director- Dr.Vasundhara Kamineni, CEOs - Dr.Sathyanarayana, Dr. Mahender Reddy, Dr.Sasidhar Kamineni; Consultants - Dr.Ashwin Shah, Dr.Kodandapani and Dr. Sujatha.
Marketing and Branding departments of Kamineni were appreciated by many for their efforts in successfully conducting the event.

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