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  • On 19th June 2010, Dr. Kishore B Reddy, Consultant Orthopedic-Onco Surgeon, Kamineni Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad performed complex Limb Salvage Surgery for bone and soft tissues on four patients, Veeresh 30 years male, Sudhakar 17 years, Satish 16 years and Manohar Sharma 15 years to treat a rare bone disease called Bone Cancers.

  • Bone Cancers are rare diseases and could be a silent killer if not detected at an early stage and properly treated. "Due to its rarity, many physicians misdiagnose these patients. The tumors then spread gradually to other bones and organs along with complications like pain in limbs, pathological fractures and eventually death. Timely surgical removal of cancerous tissues with good margins and Bone and soft tissue Reconstruction added with adjuvant therapies restricts the further spread of Cancer withour patient being physically handicapped. Patient can perlform all his daily activities after these surgeries. Said Dr. Kishore Reddy, Consultant Orthopedic-Oncology Surgeon, Kamineni Hospitals, L.B. Nagar.

  • Dr. Kishore Reddy said, "Amputation is not the quick fix for Bone Cancer." Limb Salvage Surgery is very commonly followed abroad, unfortunately in India bone and soft tissue Cancer patients are neglected, misguided or mistreated. Though the surgeries are technically demanding, performed by an expert, they give good result.

  • He further added - These cases require multi modality treatment and highly specialized care. Survival rates of the parients are the same whether Limb Salvage surgeries or Amputations are done. Amputations are very crippling while Limb preserving surgeries give the patient best quality of life possible.


Patients can find more details on calling the Patient Experience Office:+91 949 106 1983

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