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The present day lifestyle of a person has got him into various modern age problems.One such problem is OBESITY.

Obesity has affected the entire world and Andhra Pradesh hasn't been an exception to it. Obese people are victims to depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. Many of them  suffer severe pain of losing weight by trying different tough means of becoming slim and yet failing in their goals.

While trying to lose weight there are other things to consider too. One needs to think about determination and ability to make some serious changes in lifestyle. Knowing this fact Kamineni Hospital introduced a n effective campaign that said, "End Obesity and Begin life".

A Bariatric surgery could be a tool to help all those who have tried their best to lose weight and yet failed!

As with any new tool, you must actively learn how to use it to get its best benefit. hence, Team Kamineni gave counseling sessions to all those who aspired for being fit and healthy.

Apart from that, the educational material created  by Kamineni Hospital broke many myths related to weight lose surgery. This material explained  the surgical stages of losing weight. For example: Before the surgery, During the surgery and After Surgery. Not only that, Kamineni Hospital also made their aspiring patients talk to their successfully treated patients for in-depth learning of Bariatric surgery. This is for the first time in AP that any hospital has provided a personalized platform of meeting ex- patients.

This model has proved very helpful for all those who went for a surgery after this campaign at Kamineni Hospitals. At the end of the surgery each patient now has a case manager to follow up with them for their diet and keep track of their next appointment with the doctor.

Kamineni Hospital patients seem totally satisfied with their efforts to make healthcare easy.

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