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Total Knee Replacement by using I-Assist (I pad Navigation)

Kamineni Hospital King Koti - Hyderabad, October, 2013

As new technologies are emerging, the challenges in Knee Replacements are being addressed in a better way and this helps in improving the quality of patient's life enormously. Doctors of Andhra Pradesh now have a new tool to help those needy Knee Replacement Patients.

iASSIST (i-pad Navigation) Knee is engineered to help achieve repeatable accuracy and alignment in total knee arthroplasty. iASSIST Knee is a cutting-edge technology that offers precise intra-operative feedback and alignment validation. The technology is driven by accelerometers and gyroscopes that assist in calculating and validating precise angles.This technique is in turn is associated with improved clinical outcomes and increased implant longevity in patients.

This is the first time in South India, the Total Knee Replacement was performed using I ASSIST by Dr. Neelam V Ramana Reddy, Senior Consultant Joint Replacement, Kamineni Hospital, King Koti, Hyderabad.

Talking to the reporters Dr.Neelam V Ramana Reddy said that the Surgery was performed on a 67 years old lady and who was suffering from Osteoarthritis and thigh deformity. This patient had a fracture of the lower thighbone, which was treated, and as there was a resultant deformity conventional knee replacement was not possible. Dr.Neelam V Ramana Reddy with years of experience and latest technical expertise has performed the Surgery with this advanced I-Assit navigation and restored the quality of the life of the patient.

She started walking with in one day post-Surgery and her X-Rays show perfect alignment of implants which was otherwise not possible without this Latest Technique I-ASSIST" he said.

Speaking about this latest technique Dr.Neelam V Ramana Reddy said this "I-ASSIST is computer assisted stereotaxic surgical instrument system to assist the surgeon in such gross deformities in positioning the implant system components intra operatively".

This computer Aided Surgery I-ASSIST has multiple advantages improves accuracy reduces complications and allows surgeon to focus in correcting deformities and on the patient. It comprises of one i-pad like computer which guides the make accurate bone cuts and place the implants in desired position" said Dr.Neelam V Ramana Reddy.

He said Kamineni Hospitals, King Koti is the first state of art hospitals to represent in entire south India the next level in intelligent instruments, offering significant benefits to the patient's, health care providers and the health care industry. The innovative system provides advanced technological support, more streamlined and personalised Knee Replacement procedures for the patients. This technology is compatible to today and next-generation knee replacement systems.

Some advantages of the system are:

  • Revolutionary next step in surgical Guidance
  • Thigh bone canal not violated therefore less blood loss, lower complication rates
  • Accurate precise bone cuts with accurate alignment
  • Perfect personalised implant fixation
  • As compared to other surgical advancements in knee replacements this is less cost, no additional waiting period for instruments to arrive from abroad.
  • No additional incision
  • No need for extra investment for equipment, only one time use disposable pods required
  • Can be used in severe deformities unlike other newer methods that can be used in mild deformities.

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