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To Debunk the Myths – Second Innings club Launched.
Hyderabad - 4 February, 2014
The incidence of cancer is on rise in India. At any given point of time, we have 25 lakhs of cases suffering with cancer. This shows the magnitude of cancer problem existing in India.Hence we have to wake up to the occasion to avoid and take care about our habits so that the incidence of cancer can be reduced. Dr. Ashwin Shah, Chief Radiation Oncologist of Kamineni Cancer Center Said that people have misconception about the cancer disease that the once effected cannot survive. To tell the facts and educate people this year the World Cancer day is observed as the slogan goes for this year "Debunk the Myths".
He also told that there should be wide discussion about cancer disease and people should be educated on the symptoms, treatments and survival of the cancer patients and to "debunk the myths". The better way to tell the people is to present real survivors and their stories through a platform, which is the reason behind launching a Cancer Survivor club in the name of Second Innings club.
Remember the past!
But don't let it hold you down!
Above all, keep moving forward!
The Second Innings Club is a collection of truly inspirational, uplifting and assuring survival stories. These poignant personal accounts from normal people, demonstrate an extraordinary determination to survive against the odds. It proves, with survival rates doubling, anything is possible.
The aim of the Second Innings club is to connect anyone touched by cancer. It enables survival to connect then communicate privately with other members, based on their type of cancer, age and location. Connecting cancer patients with survivors has been a frequent request since the launch of Cancer Center.
Cancer patients and their family and friends, want to hear from real survivors about how they overcame the disease. When first diagnosed with cancer, many people feel shocked, alone and even embarrassed. Kamineni Cancer Center, L.B. Nagar receives a constant stream of emails almost daily, from Patients asking about various treatments, side effects or wanting to contact others who had the same type of cancer.
The Second Innings Club will ultimately provide a safe private haven, where cancer survivors can help, support, and inspire those recently diagnosed or receiving cancer treatment. The community club will give its members the ability to connect and communicate - offering firsthand advice and knowledge.
To join Second Innings Club, simply visit Kamineni Hospital L.B. Nagar and register. Experienced cancer survivors, cancer patients and their family and friends can connect and instantly help, encourage and support those affected by the disease.
Apart from helping others club members also have privileges like access to wellness programs designed in five modules.

  • The module one will focus on the survivor's disease related issues. The oncologist will analyze the latest reports of the survivors and help them with the advices on ongoing prescriptions.
  • This module can help you learn about the types of pain that people with cancer may have, medicines and other ways to help manage pain, and how to work with your health care team to find the best ways to control any pain you are having.
  • The module three will help on fitness plans in their daily routines. The physiotherapist can help in improving the quality of life for people with all types of cancer and at all stages of the disease.
  • Healthy eating habits and good nutrition can help patients deal with the effects of cancer and its treatment. Some cancer treatments work better when the patient is well nourished and gets enough calories and protein in the diet. Patients who are well nourished may have a better prognosis (chance of recovery) and quality of life.
  • The module five will focus on phycology related issues. When cancer patients are afflicted with anxiety, depression, or other psychological problems, psychiatrists can help them not just with psychotropic drugs, but with psycho-therapies designed expressly for them. This will help them to cope up with regular activities.

Dr. Ashwin Shah - Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Srinivas Reddy - Surgical Oncologist, Dr. Kiran Kumar - Radiation Oncologist were also present in the meeting.

Patients can find more details on calling the Patient Experience Office:+91 949 106 1983

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