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  • Hyderabad 10th April, 2010. The successful management of cardiac emergencies in Kamineni Hospitals LB Nagar is a result of experienced clinical talent, world class infrastructure and efficient nursing care. More importantly, the excellent coordination between the cardiology and cardiac surgical teams has made Kamineni Hospitals the destination for Heart care in Hyderabad.

    Heart attack is a result of sudden blockage of one or more blood vessels of the heart leading to serious life threatening complications, which include-rupture of a heart valve, hole in the heart and rupture of left heart cavity.

    "Hole" in the heart is usually by birth, but in some situations it can occur in adults during heart attack. Generally it occurs in 48 to 72 hours of heart attack. This condition has very high mortality rate and more than 50% of patients die within 48 hours and more than 90% die within 30 days. Emergency surgical repair is the only hope for survival in this kind of patients and excellent coordination between Cardiologist and Cardiac Surgeon is very much essential to obtain success.

Patients can find more details on calling the Patient Experience Office:+91 949 106 1983

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