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The Nurses in Kamineni Hospital - Medical and Surgical Departments illustrate our commitment to remarkable patient care. Our medical environment offers growth to our nurses in their chosen specialization and gives them ample opportunities to help patients recover in the best possible way. After all, we believe that our nurses or the face of our hospital and we are proud of their hardwork.


Surgical Intensive Care Unit / Post Operative Nursing Care

Maintains hand off communication, cares for special concerns towards complications during surgery. Nursing care focuses on managing airway, circulatory, neurological status and managing pain. Monitor patient to detect trends in vital signs and manage accordingly. Assess patients needs to provide individual and holistic care.

Bed strength : 12

Intensive Medical Care Unit

The MICU is an intensive care unit that specializes in the care of critically ill patients with medical disorders. We consider you a staff of this very important team and want to be sure that you have a complete knowledge from the MICU experience.

Each year, our Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) treats approximately 1,200 severely ill patients 24/7. We have a well dedicated team of medical professionals experienced, to provide abundant knowledge and expertise required to care for a wide array of illnesses and complex, multiple conditions seen in the MICU.

The Medical Intensive Care Unit provides care to the critically ill with conditions related to:

  • Lung problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver problems
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Diseases of the blood
  • Cancer problems
  • Blood infections

Bed strength : 15

Intensive Neuro Care Unit

The INCU is a multidisciplinary unit, staffed by neurologists, anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, nurse practitioners, and critical care nurses who are specially trained in neurological disorders, assessing patient's vital functions, speech and eye responses every hour--or more frequently.

Nurses in INCU are trained in various aspects like Providing care to patients with altered loss of conscious, monitor and maintain hemodynamics, prevent risk of injuries, and ensure family and social support during the recovery.

Bed strength : 12

Neuro-Surgical Intensive Care Unit

Our nurses are competent in identifying multiple needs of patients and applying nursing process as a frame work and in developing care plan for Neuro-Surgical patients.

Bed strength : 5

Respiratory Intensive Care Unit

Provides comprehensive nursing care for patients on mechanical ventilation. Shows competence in performing advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures and equipment. Maintains adequate nutritional status. Ensures for absence of infection and complications and early recovery.

Bed strength : 8

Intensive Coronary Care Unit

Promote excellence in cardiovascular nursing, and care of the cardiovascular patients. Identifies early signs of pain and symptoms of ischemia. Maintains adequate tissue perfusion, reduces anxiety and adhere to self care program.

Bed strength : 12

Cardio-Thoracic Intensive Care Unit

Our nurses show excellence in assessment and management of all cardio-thoracic surgical patients. Ascertains the patient's functional reserve, plans careful postoperative management for successful patient outcomes.

Bed strength : 7

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

The PICU is the highly specialized area of expertise that requires astute assessment skill, development of critical thinking while understanding the implications of growth and psychological factors.

The PICU provides an environment for safe, effective 24hrs nursing care with an emphasis on restoration of patients maximum state of health and wellness & providing a supportive environment for patients and families to meet their unique medical and psycho-social needs.

Keeping in mind the criticality of the patients, more focus is given in training the nurses to promote the healthy maturation of the child as a physical, intellectual and emotional being within the context of his family and community and also in dealing with the Child's disabilities for rehabilitation which will maximize the child's potential level of his body function.

Bed strength : 6

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

A Baby's birth is a very complex process and it requires the most advanced care specific to the condition. Nurses in this unit are given evidence - based practice to provide comprehensive care in handling all critically ill infants.

Nurses in this department are essentially given training in working with patients and families to manage their emotions and thoughts, communicating with family members to provide information about treatments, medical options and precautions, facing critical Neo natal challenges like preemies(premature infancy), birth defects etc.

Nurses are also responsible for noting the growth and progress of each newborn or infant in her care, maintaining health change patterns, symptom changes & health improvements.

Bed strength : 10

Emergency Medicine Department / Emergency Nursing Care

Our nurses are skilled at rapid, accurate physical examination, early recognition of illness or injury, the use of advance monitoring and equipment. prioritizing the urgency of care, rapidly and effectively carrying out resuscitative measures, and other treatment., acting with a high degree and autonomy and ability to initiate needed measures.

Bed strength : 23

Kidney Transplant Unit

Nurse interventions include pre- and post-renal transplantation interventions. nurse plays a vital role in assisting the patient to tackle the challenges associated with Renal Transplantation. Provides physical, psychological and educational support to the patient and family.

Bed strength : 4


Cubicle East

Our nurses are competent in caring patients with all types of surgeries post-operatively and focuses on pain management, early ambulation, prevention of surgical site infections and educate home care management.

Bed strength : 22

Cubicle West

Cares for all patients recovered from acute medical conditions. Monitors hemodynamic status and focus education of patient and family in prevention of reoccurrence.

Bed strength : 39

Non-A/C West / Male General Ward / Female General Ward / Special Rooms / Deluxe Rooms

Show excellence in caring medical, pre & post surgical patients, maternal health care, care of new born, paediatric and geriatric care.

Bed strength :-
Non-A/C West : 25
Male General Ward : 32
Female General Ward : 24
Special Rooms : 14
Deluxe Rooms : 13

Cardiology Ward

Our nurses care for all cardio-vascular surgical and non-surgical patients. Posses good communication skills in educating clients about diet, medications and importance of exercises and prevention of associated complications.

Bed strength : 23

Dialysis Unit

Expertise in performing peritoneal and haemodialysis. Shows competence in handling emergencies practices infection control measures to prevent complications.

Bed strength : 15

Oncology Ward

Oncology nurses are specialized in the treatment and care of patients with cancer. In addition to the usual nursing roles of giving medicine, observing patients and helping with diagnostic tests, supervise chemotherapy or radiation treatments. oncology nurses often serve as resources to other staff members.

Bed strength : 16


Nursing Superintendent

Nursing Superintendent is responsible to the C.N.O. for planning organisation and development of nursing services in the hospital in consultation with Medical Supdt./Chief of centres. 

  • She will be responsible and overall In-charge of Nursing Services in a hospital or specialized centres irrespective of the number of beds. 
  • She will be responsible to the Medical Supdt. or Addl. MS or chief of Centres of the hospital or centre as the case may be. 
  • She will be responsible for implementing hospital/centre policies amongst various nursing units. 
  • She will assist the CNO in formulation of hospital policy, particularly concerning nursing services. 
  •  She will officiate as CNO in the absence of CNO (The senior most amongst the NS will do so). 
  • She will recommend personnel and material requirement for nursing various nursing service departments of the hospital. 
  •  She will assist MS/Addl. MS or Chief of Centres in recruiting nursing staff. 
  •  She will carry out regular rounds of the hospital. 
  •  She will accompany MS/Addl. MS while making hospital rounds. 
  •  She will ensure safe and efficient care rendered to patients in various wards etc. 
  • She will prepare budgets for nursing services. 
  •  She will be a member of various condemnation boards for linen and other hospital stores. 
  •  She will be responsible for counseling and quidance of sub-ordinate staff.   
  •  She will attend hospital/intra hospital meetings and conferences. 
  • She will investigate all complaints regarding nursing care and personnel, and take suitable corrective action. 
  • She will initiate and encourage research in nursing services 
  • She will evaluate confidential reports of her sub-ordinate staff and recommend for promotion, higher studies etc. 
  • She will maintain cordial relations with patients and Medical Social  workers. 
  • She will periodically interact with clinical heads to discuss problems in patient care. 
  • She will educate nursing staff of all categories by conducting awareness programme on universal Precautions.

Through our Affiliations with other communities, Kamineni Hospital nurses have access to a variety of clinical and observational experiences. The positive impact of these institutions create mutually beneficial experience for students and instructors.

To cope with the increasing demand for medical manpower, Kamineni Nursing School and College has tied up with various medical institutions to help nurses get access to a wide variety of supervised & innovative clinical practices obtained from both inpatients and outpatient communities.

Some of our affiliations include:

  • Erragadda Mental Hospital
  • Niloufer Government Hospital
  • Maternity Government Hospital
  • Osmania Government Hospital
  • Andhra Pradesh Chest Hospital
  • Sir Ronald Ross Medical Hospital
  • Government ENT Hospital
  • Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital
  • MNJ Cancer Hospital
  • GMH Tettaburz
  • Institute Of Mental Health, Erragadda
  • Asha Mental Hospital
Clinical Training
  • Nursing Courses
  • Clinical Training


Course structure : 3 and 1/2 year

I year General Nursing & Midwifery

  • Subjects Includes :
    • Anatomy & Physiology And Microbiology
    • Psychology And Sociology
    • Fundamentals Of Nursing, First-Aid And Personal Hygiene
    • Community Health Nursing -I , Nutrition , Health Education & Communication And Environmental Hygiene
    • English
  • Affiliations : Community Health Nursing - 2 months at Uppal (urban & rural)
  • Fee Structure : Management - 62,000 / year , Government - 56,000 / year
  • Clinical Exposure : 365 days

II year General Nursing & Midwifery

  • Subjects Includes :
    • Mental Health Nursing
    • Medical Surgical Nursing - I
    • Medical Surgical Nursing - II
  • Affiliations : Mental Health Nursing - 1month at Erragadda Government Mental Health Hospital
  • Fee Structure : Management - 59,600 / year , Government - 56,600 / year
  • Clinical Exposure : 365 days

III year General Nursing & Midwifery

  • Subjects Includes :
    • Obstetrics And Gynaecology
    • Child Health Nursing
    • Community Health Nursing - II
  • Affiliations :
    • Child Health Nursing - 1 month at Niloufer Government Hospital
    • Maternity - 2 months at Maternity Government Hospital
    • Community Health Nursing - 1 month at Cherlapalli (urban & rural)
  • Fee Structure : Management - 59,600 / year , Government - 56,600 / year
  • Clinical Exposure : 365 days


  • Subjects Includes
    • Professional Trends And Health Economics
    • Nursing Research
    • Ward Administration
  • Fee Structure :
    • Management - 29,800 / year
    • Government - 28,300 / year
  • Clinical Exposure : 6 months


Course tenure : 4 years

1st Year BSc Nursing

  • Subjects Include
    • Nursing Foundation
    • Anatomy and Physiology
    • Biochemistry and Nutrition
    • Microbiology
    • Psychology
    • English
    • Introduction To Computer
  • Affiliations : Kamineni Hospitals (365 days)
  • Fee Structure :
    • Management - 1,08,800 / year Government - 37,000 (college fee) , 18,000 (accommodation) , 25000 (mess) / year

2nd Year BSc Nursing

  • Subjects Include :
    • Medical Surgical Nursing - I
    • Pharmacology , Pathology and Genetics
    • Sociology
    • Communication and Education Technology
    • Community Health Nursing - I
  • Affiliations
    • Medical Surgical Nursing -6 months at Osmania Government Hospital
    • 2 weeks at AP Chest Hospital
    • 2 weeks at Sir Ronald Ross Medical Hospital
  • Fee Structure
    • Management - 90,500 / year Government - 56,600 (college fee) , 12,000 (accommodation), 15,000 (mess ) / year

3rd Year BSc Nursing

  • Subjects Include :
    • Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing - I
    • Child Health Nursing (Paediatric)
    • Mental Health Nursing (Psychiatry)
    • Medical Surgical Nursing - II
  • Affiliations :
    • Medical surgical Nursing - 1 week at Government ENT Hospital
    • 4 weeks at Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital
    • 4 weeks at MNJ Cancer Hospital
    • Child Health Nursing - 8 weeks at Niloufer Government Hospital
    • Midwifery & Obstetrical Nursing
    • 4 weeks at Government Maternity Hospital
    • Mental Health Nursing - 8 weeks at Erragadda Government Hospital
  • Fee Structure :
    • Management - 1,02000 , Government - 59,500 / year

4th year - GMH Tettaburz - 9weeks

  • Niloufer Government Hospital - 3 weeks
  • Institute of Mental Health (Erragadda) - 2 weeks
  • Clinical Exposure : 365 days
  • Fee Structure :
    • Management - 93,800 , Government - 63,500 / year

MSc Nursing :

1st year

  • Management - 2,20,000
  • Government - 1,36,000 (including hostel & mess)

2nd year - Management - 1,15,700

  • Government - 1,03000 (including hostel & mess)
  • Affiliations
    • MHN - Asha Mental Hospital - 1st year - 5 months, 2nd year - 7 months
    • CHN - NTR Nagar - 1st year - 5months , 2nd year - 7 months
    • Peaditrics - Kamineni Hospitals - 1st year - 5months , 2nd year - 7 months
    • MS - Kamineni Hospitals - 1st year - 5months , 2nd year - 7 months
    • 1 and 1/2 month training in Kamineni Hospitals - for all batches

Clinical Training at Hospital

  • Infection Control Policies
  • Basic Life Support
  • ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support)
  • NABH Training which includes :
    • Patient Transfer, Refer of patient
    • Patients pre treatment counseling
    • Policies, procedures and regulations for emergency services, Oxygen therapy
    • Reassessment of patients, safe medication and food, drug interaction
    • patient care in continuous and multi disciplinary in nature, how to define the discharge summary to patient
    • Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) , policies and procedures
    • Paediatric drug doses
    • Rational use of blood and blood products
    • High risk assessment and observation, shifting of critically ill patients, guide the end of life
    • Care of elderly patients ( physically n mentally challenged and old patients ), monitoring after medication administration
    • Management of medical emergencies , prescription of medication, verbal order read back
    • Pre operative preparation and post operative care
    • High risk medicine, narcotic drugs and psychotropic substance
    • General ward management and behaviour of nursing staff
Community Outreach

Serving the community with holistic healthcare is an essential part of our mission. In order to gain more understanding of the nursing profession, Kamineni Nursing School provides exposure to patients through health camps and workshops arranged by the Kamineni Hospitals.

A Kamineni, we believe that maintaining a dialogue with other members of the healthcare community and the public at large through these activities is a key to the growth of our nursing students and their profession. These community outreach programs directly benefits the students in networking, doing some charity and service for their community.

Our students gain experience speaking with other healthcare professionals like doctors, professional senior nurses, hospital staff etc. Kamineni Hospitals, Kamineni Nursing School & College Nurses provide myriad outreach services throughout Andhra Pradesh to address the healthcare needs of the community.

Nurses and Physicians present information on services and programs including minimally invasive surgery, cancer treatment, women's breast health, rehabilitation, health and fitness, gynaecology & obstetrics, pediatrics, heart and vascular health, wound care and diabetes, emergency care etc. Thousands of people attend the health camps & take health benefits offered by Kamineni Hospitals.

Some of our health camps are as below,

  • Cardiac Health Camp
  • Cancer Screening Camp
  • Asthama Camp
  • Free Health Check up Camp
  • Joint Pain Clinic
  • Gynaecology Camp
  • Fertility Check up
  • Diabetes Check up Camp
  • Kidney Check
  • Bone Mineral Density Camp
  • Consultation Camp
  • Chest pain Camp
  • Liver Clinic
  • Corporate lifestyle Camp
  • Mega Health Camp for Rural & Tribal Areas
  • Obesity Check up
  • Pulmonology Camp

Till date Kamineni has reached most of Andhra Pradesh and its surrounding areas like, Nalgonada District, Nirmal- Adilabad District, Ramakrishnapuram- Secundarabad, Asif Nagar- Hyderabad, Rajmundhary, Achampet- Mahboobnagar, Rangareddy District, Medak Disctrict, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Vijayawada etc.

Career Options


Encouraging excellence and camaraderie, Kamineni Healthcare Enterprise allows each candidate to be a part of rich clinical and education environment. We provide our nurses the support they need to be successful in their chosen track of interest.    

If you are sensitive to others pain…

If your goal is to deliver care to all your patients…

If you want to gain quality clinical experience and camaraderie…

Then we encourage you to join us after your BSc Nursing & GNM – General Nursing & Midwifery

To apply send your resume at