For Good Health of women
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  • Avoid very busy schedules, parties, instant junk foods etc to not have poor nutrition related problems
  • Having proper diet in early teenage will keep you away from polycystic ovarian diseases(pcod)
  • It is advised to every girl/woman to take energy related nutrition food like proteins, iron & calcium
  • Consume iron, folic acid & calcium rich food like milk, milk products, leafy vegetables during pregnancy
  • Feeding mothers should consume calcium, iron & protein rich food
  • Post menopausal or hysterectomy women are advised to take soya rich whole grain food
  • Working women should keep an age check for pregnancy as at later stages of life, pregnancy gets difficult
  • While planning for pregnancy women should not consume alcohol or smoke. She should do regular exercise & eat healthy food
  • During pregnancy a women should go for regular check-ups to gynecologists & choose an expert doctor for smooth delivery
  • Couple should do family planning instead of having unplanned pregnancy and then opting for abortion. Regular abortion may increase the risk of not having pregnancy at all
  • Cervical cancer is common in India. Hence every teenage girl should get vaccinated for cervical cancer & stay protected


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