All who spend most of the day sitting on our desks can now, stretch out & boost energy and relieve stress

Follow these simple steps to keep you fit at your desk

Stretches for your Wrists and Arms

Extend one arm to the front with your palm up and grab the fingers with the other hand. Gently pull the fingers towards you to stretch the forearm, holding for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this on the other arm to





Lower Body Exercises

Affix a water bottle or an empty coffee cup between your knees as you sit up tall with the abs in. Squeeze the bottle or the cup, loosen the grip and squeeze it again, complete it for 16 repeats.

Chair Exercises

Make sure the chair is stable to hold the cushion of the chair next to your hips in front of the chair with elbows bent, lower your body until the elbows are at 90 degrees. Push yourself right up and repeat this for 16 times.

Upper Body Exercises

Sit tall with your abs in and hold a full water bottle in your left hand stretched lift the bottle up to shoulder level and all the way close to the ear contracting the triceps. Straighten back the arm and lower it down.
Repeat this for 12 times.

Ab Exercises

Hold a water bottle at the chest level and keep your knees and hips forward now gently twist yourself to the left comfortably until you feel your abs contract. Twist back to the center. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
"Don't force it or you may end up with a back injury."


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