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  • Agenda : Kamineni Cancer Center Campaign 2012 marks the beginning of International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    Facts : In India about 100,000 women are diagnosed with Breast cancer every year which has surpassed the rate of the cervical cancer and about 50,000 women die in India annually and it has become the leading cause of death among women.

    Given the fact that the expense of a mammogram cannot be afforded by many women or even therural population, Kamineni Hospitals have initiated a 1week free Breast Cancer Screening with Mammography and Free Doctor Consultation.

    Kamineni Cancer Center, Hyderabad announced the launch of the campaign to conduct breast exams to detect cancer early. "With the aim of ensuring early detection of breast cancer and ensuring long-term survival, Kamineni Cancer Center has trained health care workers to perform clinical breast examinations (CBE), a screening tool to detect early breast cancer.

    In its ninth year, the campaign honors women who have fought the illness with determination as well as educating people about the importance of early detection.
    Kamineni Hospital welcomes its proud Cancer Fighters who will interact with us and share their experiences throughout their war with Cancer.

    People from all walks of life are encouraged to go through our website and social media sites for the educational material.

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